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Shivmohan Purohit’s Oracle Applications Blog

Posted by esersahin on 10/08/2010

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Posted by esersahin on 18/02/2010

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Martin Fowler

Posted by esersahin on 21/05/2009

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Chad Myers’ Blog

Posted by esersahin on 17/05/2009

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James Gregory

Posted by esersahin on 17/05/2009

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Ben Kevan

Posted by esersahin on 28/03/2009

Name: Ben Kevan
Occupation: Linux / VMware Administrator (previously Windows Administrator)
Certifications: MCSE, VCP, Security+
Place of Residence: California, USA
Hobbies: Mixed Martial Arts (Train in Jiu-Jitsu)
Honorable Mentions: 2007 Grappers Quest US Nationals Cruiserweight Champion, LinuxProMagazine Article for “What to do after installing opensuse 11.0, Father of an amazing son named Ben Jr.

Distribution of Choice: openSUSE


Originally was created to help keep my family updated on my new borns sons progress. However, I also used it as a means to document some of the things i’ve done with Linux / openSUSE. It has since received quite a few hits, so I decided do make it more “techie” centric.

Why do I have ads?

To just cover hosting costs. I host at a computer at home, and I decided to try Google Ad’s to at least cover the dyndns costs.

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Jesse Liberty

Posted by esersahin on 05/01/2009

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Brian Jones: Office Extensibility

Posted by esersahin on 08/12/2008

About : I’m Brian Jones, a program manager in Office. I’ve been working on the XML functionality and file formats in Office, as well as other technologies folks use for extending Office in various ways. In this blog, I’ll focus on the types of Business Applications people are building that leverages Office functionality.

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Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave – Notes of a SQL Server MVP and Database Administrator

Posted by esersahin on 02/12/2008

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John DaCosta’s SQL & Technology Weblog

Posted by esersahin on 02/12/2008

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