uname - print name of current system

     uname [-aimnprsvX]

     uname [-S system_name]

     The uname utility prints information about the current  sys-
     tem on the standard output. When options are specified, sym-
     bols representing one or more system characteristics will be
     written to the standard output. If no options are specified,
     uname  prints  the  current  operating  system's  name.  The
     options  print  selected  information  returned by uname(2)
     sysinfo(2), or both.

     The following options are supported:

     -a              Prints basic information currently available
                     from the system.

     -i              Prints the name of the platform.

     -m              Prints the machine  hardware  name  (class).
                     Use of this option is discouraged. Use uname
                     -p instead. See NOTES section below.

     -n              Prints the nodename  (the  nodename  is  the
                     name  by which the system is known to a com-
                     munications network).

     -p              Prints the current host's ISA  or  processor

     -r              Prints the operating system release level.

     -s              Prints the name  of  the  operating  system.
                     This is the default.

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