Ben Kevan

Name: Ben Kevan
Occupation: Linux / VMware Administrator (previously Windows Administrator)
Certifications: MCSE, VCP, Security+
Place of Residence: California, USA
Hobbies: Mixed Martial Arts (Train in Jiu-Jitsu)
Honorable Mentions: 2007 Grappers Quest US Nationals Cruiserweight Champion, LinuxProMagazine Article for “What to do after installing opensuse 11.0, Father of an amazing son named Ben Jr.

Distribution of Choice: openSUSE


Originally was created to help keep my family updated on my new borns sons progress. However, I also used it as a means to document some of the things i’ve done with Linux / openSUSE. It has since received quite a few hits, so I decided do make it more “techie” centric.

Why do I have ads?

To just cover hosting costs. I host at a computer at home, and I decided to try Google Ad’s to at least cover the dyndns costs.


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