e331. Generating a Random Number
e332. Breaking a String into Words
e333. Creating a Custom Event
e334. Implementing a Simple Event Notifier
e335. Listing All Available Locales
e336. Setting the Default Locale
e337. Associating a Value with an Object


e338. Comparing Arrays
e1074. Filling Elements in an Array
e339. Shuffling the Elements of a List or Array
e340. Converting a Collection to an Array
e341. Converting an Array to a Collection


e342. Implementing a Queue
e343. Implementing a Stack
e344. Implementing a Least-Recently-Used (LRU) Cache
e345. Listing the Elements of a Collection
e346. Storing Primitive Types in a Collection
e347. Creating a Copy of a Collection
e348. Making a Collection Read-Only


e349. Creating a List
e350. Sorting a List
e351. Operating on Lists
e1075. Creating a Type-Specific List [5.0]


e352. Creating a Set
e353. Operating on Sets
e354. Creating a Set That Retains Order-of-Insertion

Hash Tables

e355. Creating a Hash Table
e356. Creating a Map That Retains Order-of-Insertion
e357. Automatically Removing an Unreferenced Element from a Hash Table
e1076. Creating a Type-Specific Map [5.0]

Sorted Collections

e358. Creating a Sorted Set
e359. Sorting an Array
e360. Finding an Element in a Sorted Array
e1077. Inserting an Element into a Sorted Array
e361. Finding an Element in a Sorted List
e362. Inserting an Element into a Sorted List


e363. Performing Bitwise Operations on a Bit Vector
e364. Converting Between a BitSet and a Byte Array

Property Files

e365. Reading and Writing a Properties File
e366. Getting and Setting Properties


e367. Scheduling a Timer Task to Run at a Certain Time
e368. Scheduling a Timer Task to Run Repeatedly


e369. Getting the Current Time
e370. Getting the Current Time in Another Time Zone
e371. Retrieving Information on All Available Time Zones
e372. Converting Times Between Time Zones


e373. Getting the Current Date
e374. Creating a Date Object for a Particular Date
e375. Determining the Number of Days in a Month
e376. Comparing Dates
e377. Determining a Person’s Age
e378. Determining If a Year Is a Leap Year
e379. Determining the Day-of-Week for a Particular Date

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