Silverlight 2.0 Software Development Kit Documentation

If you don’t know already, Silverlight 2.0 was released:

“Silverlight 2 includes a rich UI framework that makes building rich Web applications much easier.  In includes a powerful graphics and animation engine, as well as rich support for higher-level UI capabilities like controls, layout management, data-binding, styles, and template skinning. Silverlight 2 includes a rich set of built-in controls that developers and designers can use to quickly build applications.  The Silverlight 2 release includes core form controls (TextBox, CheckBox, RadioButton, ComboBox, etc), built-in layout management panels (StackPanel, Grid, Panel, etc), common functionality controls (Slider, ScrollViewer, Calendar, DatePicker, etc), and data manipulation controls (DataGrid, ListBox, etc).”

If you are interested in developing applications using Silverlight 2.0, you can now download the Silverlight 2.0 Software Development Kit Documentation separately.

Per the download site:

“The Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2 SDK Documentation is the Silverlight product standalone documentation provided for download. It is in CHM format (compiled HTML) and can be viewed on a PC or by installing a CHM reader on MAC.”

You can download the Silverlight 2.0 SDK Documentation here.

Free Silverlight 2.0 Training

Silverlight 2.0 Tutorials


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